Stainless steel Neat hinges now in stock!

I am happy to say that I am now stocking stainless steel Neat hinges. These are to replace the nickel plated ones which have caused quite a bit of grief over the years with poor quality plating and over polishing. Soon to follow is the stainless steel Neat lock which is the perfect partner to the hinges, also brass Neat locks and hinges will of course be available – ready to purchase from the end of Jan 2013.

Delay on Neat Locks and Neat Hinges

Well due to circumstances beyond my control the Neat range has been delayed until mid January, I appreciate customer’s patience who have pre-ordered and I will have them dispatched as soon as they arrive. On a higher note I have decided to design and produce bespoke keys in German silver which will take my bespoke boxes to another level – although these will only be supplied with my more expensive pieces, they have a very simple clean design with an Art Deco influence. In the meantime have a Happy New Year!

Neat Locks available to pre-order

After some last minute tweaks the Neat Lock is available to pre-order here with a small batch of 50 due for delivery mid December (just in time for a boxmakers stocking filler) It will be available in brass and stainless steel. The SS version will have a plated key as this is too hard to machine in such a hard material. The Neat Hinge will also be changing to SS as plating over the years has caused problems and to be very honest most of the machined crisp edges get lost in the polishing and plating process. Furniture & Cabinet making magazine will be reviewing the Neat Lock and Neat Hinge in the December issue and I am happy to say that the worlds best boxmaker Andrew Crawford has endorsed the Neat lock and his writeup can be read in his latest newsletter, Andrew will also be doing a demo with the Neat Lock at Axminsters Nuneaton store on 24th Nov. Remember pre-order your stocking filler now!

Neat Lock & Neat Screw Cap – The cabinet makers jewellery.

We have just received the new Neat Lock & Neat Screw Cap and they are fantastic.  Both will be available to pre-order very shortly, so keep an eye on my News and Hardware pages. The Neat Lock is a full mortise lock and its main plate is mortised with an 8mm bit while the case is drilled out with a 6.5mm drill.  What I like the most about the Neat Lock is the solid click when opening and closing (music to my ears). The main body is machined from solid brass and beautifully finished, which makes me want to make a box just to hold and display the lock.  The screw holes match the supplied screws and are a perfect fit rather than the clumsy over-sized countersinks you see on many locks.

The upper exposed plates are polished to a high finish, compared to some of the brass locks I have used in the past which needed sanding through the grits to take out machining marks and chewed up quite a bit of time.  These locks are not epoxy coated as I didn’t want them to look cheap and plastic, and  as an added bonus, if you get a mark on the Neat Lock it can be easily removed without worrying about burning through epoxy.

The Neat Screw Cap is also a product of precision, machined with nice crisp edges and a perfectly centred slot on every one. This might not be for everyone but the screw quality out there in the smaller sizes is pretty poor and we have all had moments of frustration where we have polished screws up and then fitted them only to find they do not all align and either need tightened or backed off which can result in a damaged screw head or a lose screw.  Some softer woods will allow you to turn without much damage but if the wood is hard like ebony, then you run the risk of breaking of f a head, meaning you have to poke it out, plug the hole and start again. The Neat Screw Cap removes such annoyance as the screw that does the work is a stainless steel screw, then on final fitting you add your Neat Screw Cap and with a guiding touch from you it will align Perfectly!

New trinket boxes for Christmas!

I have a new trinket box design coming out for Christmas, ten in ripple sycamore and 10 in walnut. Priced at £150 each these are perfect for small items of jewellery measuring 100x100x85mm email me if you would like to secure one for Christmas. Here is a computer rendering of the ripple sycamore.

I currently have some brass Neat Hinges that did not pass QC and are up for grabs for £12.50 per pair normal price £27.00. I have 6 pairs in total so email me if your interested but be quick!!

Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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