Thulean Box

Dimensions: 360mm x 220mm x 120mm

Material: Various coloured veneer, mother of pearl, sycamore, orange suede, orange lamb nappa and the Neat Team hardware

Price: £2750

The Thulean Box is an across the waters collaboration between me and top marquetry designer Bethan Englefield, England. The original design is inspired by visits to the spectacular Giants Causeway. The Thulean Plateau was a great basaltic lava plain that was broken up during the formation of the Atlantic Ocean leaving remnants existing in Northern Ireland – now known as the Giants Causeway.

Bethan designed the marquetry and also cut and assembled it by hand. She used natural materials such as Mother of Pearl to symbolise the reflective properties of the sea and incorporated the strong orange dyed veneer to denote the hot volcanic lava.  The delicate sheets of veneers were then brought to life with the creation of the unique Thulean Box. The Causeway theme continues inside with a rich lava coloured suede and lamb nappa lining. It is fitted with stainless steel hardware and coated in a satin sheen finish.

Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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