Polka Box

Dimensions: 230mm x 230mm x 90mm

Material: Grey Veneer, ebony, mother of pearl, sycamore veneer, lavender faux suede and stainless steel hardware

Price: £700 (sold) 

The design idea for the Polka Box came whilst browsing through popular textile patterns of the 19th and 20th Century, including fleur-de-lis, plaid and camouflage.  Dots are considered to be feminine and demur whereas dark lines and stripes are associated with masculinity.  We have hand-crafted the Polka box to incorporate both masculine and feminine features in such a way as to complement one another. The bold black ebony lines and strong dark grey veneered exterior are softened by the iridescent mother of pearl circles on the box lid top and the shiny circular catch on the lid front. Inside, the box is veneered in creamy sycamore while the base and lid interior are lined in lush lavender faux suede.

The Polka Box is a one-off design that sits elegantly on a bedside table or living-room bookshelf, and can be used for holding jewellery or important documents.

Sycamore & Lavender Watch Box

Dimensions: 255mm x 215mm x 130mm

Material: Ripple sycamore, walnut, lavender nova suede and stainless steel hardware

Price: Contact us

We were delighted to be commissioned by Seiko to create this beautiful watch box for their ambassador, Darya Klishina, Russia’s top professional athletic long jumper. Over the years, Darya’s watch wardrobe has grown, and Seiko decided it was high time that they helped to organise it!

In Miami, at the end of March 2015, Seiko presented Darya with this custom-designed box in which to keep her Seiko watch collection. Made of sycamore, with walnut in-lays, it holds her current watch collection with ease.  The lid top marquetry design depicts both time and the athletic stretch of the long jumper as they prepare to land in the sand.  

There are three removable trays, allowing Darya to rotate her watches and take trays to another area for use rather than move the whole box.  The inside lid has been personalised with the Seiko logo using marquetry.  Underneath the sycamore watch trays are more sections to hold watch links, extra keys, a USB memory stick and other items of jewellery.

Maybe we will have the opportunity to create a bespoke box for a World Championship medal very soon. Our fingers are crossed!

The Great Victory Collection

Dimensions:    mm x  mm x    mm
Material: Walnut, Oak, khaki suede, olive leather, stainless steel hardware
Price: Contact Us

Creating the The Great Victory Collection became quite a personal project, as I have learned so much more about World War I and how it touched the lives of local people including my own family.The collection includes a large stationery box which is supported by 5 smaller troop boxes. All 6 boxes are veneered in walnut, with the stationery box depicting geometric walnut shapes in the formation of the letter ‘M for Military’, as well as a military medal bar display on the lid top and a decorative medal escutcheon. The troop box veneers are strategically arranged to create the lettering WWI around their sides and lid top.

In keeping with the military theme the box interiors incorporate complementary oak and are lined in khaki suede and olive leather. The stationery box includes an oak lift out tray with an abstract poppy created from ebony and bubinga. The main box contents include writing paper created with poppy seeds and recycled envelopes. This collection salutes the bravery of all the soldiers in the battlefield and acknowledges their time spent corresponding with loved ones in such very difficult, dark times.

Yorkshire Rose jewellery box


Material: Ripple Sycamore, ebony, macassar ebony, spring green suede, brass hardware, bespoke keys

Price: Contact Us

The majestic Yorkshire Rose is the main decorative feature for this enchanting jewellery box, with marquetry roses appearing on the trays and escutcheon, as well as roses embossed onto the watch rolls and the bespoke rose keys. The box is further personalised with the owner’s initials on the lid top using marquetry. The six interior trays are layered to hold the owner’s wide range of jewellery including rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and necklaces.

Simply splendid.

Mid 20th Century Walnut Box

Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 100mm
Material: Walnut, Brass hardware,Raspberry suede
Price: Contact us

This curvaceous jewellery box is created in a mid 20th Century modern design using warm walnut veneers which are book matched on the lid top and also the box front where it has effectively created a natural, ready made escutcheon.

The lift out trays are created from matching walnut which is lined in soft, luxurious raspberry suede and a brass plaque with the owners initials is inlaid to the inside lid. All the hardware is brass.

Macassar Ebony Gentleman’s Jewellery Box

Material: Macassar Ebony, zebrano wood, rich blue suede, stainless steel hardware
Price: contact us

This luxurious gentleman’s box is created from macassar ebony veneer, and inlaid with the initials MJA using exotic zebrano wood.  The lid banding and escutcheon are also created from zebrano wood.  The three lift out trays are created from sycamore while the box interior, watch rolls and trays are lined in luxurious blue goat suede.  As an added feature the box has a hidden compartment inside for very private items (sshhh…. contact us for details).

Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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