Luxury Wooden Jewellery Boxes

At Hawthorne Crafts the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. That is why every one of our luxury wooden jewellery boxes is elegantly designed and created with the greatest of care and precision. When you liaise with us to confirm your personal design requirements you will receive the jewellery box that you have always wanted with characteristics that are exclusively unique.

We also have boxes designed and made that are ready for purchase from us directly, such as our limited edition Portrait Ring Box (Dimensions: 65mm x 65mm x 45mm). Created from Native Yew and decorated with three lines at the front in Art Deco style. Such a box is a beautiful storing place for any treasured ring, be it a wedding, engagement or heirloom piece, fitting snugly into a black lamb nappa lining. Each Yew Burr box lid, bordered with black acetal, is like owning a miniature painting from nature, since no two pieces of wood are the same. A smooth and silky finish is achieved with Danish Oil.

Another representation of our craftsmanship is the Art Deco Steps Jewellery Box with Indian Rosewood trays made from Rippled Sycamore and lined in yellow suede. Polyester inlays with black acetal borders the lid. The lid consists of 22 pieces of Rippled Sycamore veneer laid out in a stepped pattern with the middle pieces running in a different direction to show off the design. The hardware is made from quality nickel and it has an ebony and aluminum escutcheon.

Both of these jewellery boxes radiate a sense of luxury and grandiose worthy of housing your prized jewellery possessions. Of course these examples are only a small glimpse into what we can create and with your own designs in mind the sky is the limit. Various types of wood and interior linings will complement your differing styles of jewellery. We are here to accommodate you and help you decide on your final design before construction commences.

Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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