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On Display

We are delighted to now have one of our Colour Fusion Boxes on display in the Designyard Gallery, Dublin, so what better excuse do you need to visit this beautiful cultural city.   Please visit the Gallery website at

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Coming Very Soon…

We are pleased to be creating our very own limited edition of hand-crafted jewellery boxes which will sit elegantly in the modern home. Life is all about experiences and enjoying different episodes as they occur. Throughout life we collect items which are dear to us and remind us of those very special occasions. Our Colour Fusion boxes are ideal for holding such keepsakes and are decorated with hexagonal, coloured marquetry which depicts the important stepping stones in our lives that are fused together to give us our own rich tapestry and identity. The interior, including two removable sycamore trays, are lined in coordinating quality majilite faux suede.

We are currently creating a limited edition, small batch of 20 boxes, in 4 different colour schemes (5 of each) and a select few will be on display in Galleries in England and Ireland. Further details will appear in this Blog over the coming weeks.

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Moving forward.

It’s time again for the woolly jumpers and I have to admit that my intentions of keeping this news page well fed has been difficult. My excuse is I have been very busy with commissions, my book and of course the Neat range (see Furniture & Cabinetmaking, November 2014, issue 224, page 11, article on the Large Neat Hinge within the Editor’s round-up section). I introduced the Neat trim a month ago – sales have been excellent and it has received quite a lot of interest from the woodworking media (expect an article in the near future). It has been hard to hold stock of the Neat hinge and Neat lock due to some very large orders which tend to wipe the shelves clean so I appreciate your patience and loyalty of customers who are currently waiting on the next delivery. Ok, enough about hardware and tools, what about boxes? Well it has been very busy on this side and again having very patient customers really helps. I am currently finishing a large Art Deco stationery box which has been veneered in Macassar Ebony with MOP inlays around the escutcheon and initials. I have also just taken on a gentleman’s shaving box which will be designed in a Victorian style so if you want to keep up to date on the latest work why not check out my facebook page and give me a wee like. I post most days and you can view uploads of my current projects.

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New Neat Trim!

Introducing the new Neat Trim – It makes trimming veneer overhang on flat work Quick, Crisp and Clean. It is Quick to use – produces Crisp edges – and provides consistently Clean results on all veneers.  No need to setup the router with a flush trim bit. The Neat Trim removes the risk of tear out on fragile veneers or bearing damaging your pre-finished interior.  The Neat Trim is professionally manufactured and comes in two lengths – 100mm and 200mm. The 100mm size is perfect for trimming lipped edges on a box while the 200mm length is ideal for use on the lid and sides. The Trim also features an anti-slip strip for a firm hold. Click on image to enlarge. Contact me for more details Ian Hawthorne

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Coming very soon the large Neat hinge!

Coming very soon to our Hardware Section is the Large Neat Hinge for all those bigger boxes. It is 60mm long and 9.5mm wide with each leaf measuring 3.85mm thick.  It also takes three No.4  25mm screws per leaf which has much more strength than the No.3 5/16 screws supplied with the smaller hinge. They also look more aesthetically pleasing on larger boxes.  Initially available in brass at £39 a pair I hope to supply them shortly in stainless steel.  Let me know what you think!

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Off to a sprint!

This year has started of to a sprint with a tremendous amount of sales in our new Neat hinge, we also have made some improvements to the Neat lock and it is even easier to fit – have a look at February’s newsletter for more info Newsletter I had a meeting with the publishers a few weeks ago and it went great, everyone is very excited about the book project, so this will take most of my time this year but it will be well worth it, so must dash to get some commissions finished all the best Ian.

Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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