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The Epic Launch

I have just finished my exhibition pieces for the CCD show which will have its private viewing on Friday 17 August. The piece was inspired by the Titanic’s maiden voyage and consists of 4 boxes. The main box representing the Titanic and 3 smaller trinket boxes representing tugboats. Images can be seen on my Gallery page or on my Facebook page. The box also features my new Neat Screw which guarantees screw slot alignment without any need to over or under tighten the screws and so damage to the polished screw heads eliminated – they will be supplied with the same polished finish as the Neat Hinges so no need to spend time on cleaning the screws up. They are machined with crisp clean edges and with the slot perfectly centred.

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Simple, 4 step process

Boxes are tailormade in terms of dimensions, internal layout, wood, hardware, lining, and personalisation through plaques and marquetry.
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