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New hinge drilling jig on its way!

I am pleased to say that I now have most of the back orders for the new Neat lock sorted and the feedback has been outstanding!  Here are just a few of them –

Hi Ian

Just had to say how utterly gorgeous they are, I feel quite inspired to make work of a suitable calibre to fit them to.

Hi Ian

Your lock arrived. Beautifully made, even down to the screws!  worth waiting for.

Dear Ian
Lock arrived safely. Absolutely lovely little lock, beautifully finished. I particularly like the very satisfying click on locking and unlocking. The key is a design delight. I will be buying more.

Hi Ian,

I received my three locks yesterday, many thanks.

They are exquisite, beautifully crafted and finished!  I look forward to fitting them Ian and wish you much success with them. They will, I am sure sell themselves once people have seen them.

Hi Ian,

At last, a superbly engineered box lock which oozes quality, works flawlessly and is a delight to the eye.   Congratulations on returning to old fashioned standards and providing a magnificent little product at a fair price.

Screw Alignment Jig.

Imagine you’re in the workshop and have  just cut the perfect mortise and the Neat hinges fit great – next stage is to drill the holes for the screws.  Seems like quite a simple task but if your drill doesn’t hit dead centre and instead drifts slightly due to ply core or wood grain or because you haven’t marked exact centre, then the hinge will be pulled in this direction either resulting in a screw that is hard to get in or a screw that can pull out of your nicely cut mortise.  So I have come up with a very simple jig that will align your screw holes very slightly off centre by 0.035mm.  This ensures your hinge is pulled tight to the front of the mortise.  The jig will be very similar to the neat hinge and will fit perfectly into your mortise.   The drill will follow the holes which will have columns to keep the drill at 90 degrees to the box. I hope to have a prototype soon to test and I will post me results here.


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