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Neat Team Celebration

Last year we launched our Neat box hardware – the Neat Hinge and Neat Lock – to the delight of many professional boxmakers and hobbyists who have been waiting an extremely long time for box hardware that fits Neatly, Easily, And manage to complement one another as a Team.

John Bullar, Woodworkers Institute, was so impressed with the neat team this is what he says – ‘Overall I was impressed by the quality of construction and simplicity of use …’ and ‘…they provide a near infallible way of completing a fine box.’ Click here to view full article at woodworkersinstitute.com (May 2013)

What’s the difference between the traditional siderail hinge and the Neat hinge? The Neat hinge upper mortise is rounded rather than square.  As a result the Neat hinge is neater from the rear of the box and only one clearance cut is required on the lower part of the box which is only slightly visible if the box is lifted up to eye level.   The Neat  hinge countersink has been enhanced to closely match the screw size and has been dropped just below the surface for a very tidy appearance.  The hinge is machined to tight tolerances and possesses a  superior polished finish.  Attention to detail is paramount and the area surrounding the hinge pin has been finely chamfered to ease the transition between the hinge and pin.  This feature is unlike others hinges on the market that try to achieve a flush fit between hinge and pin, a task that is often unattainable and can instead appear unfinished.

Alan Englefield, Architectural box maker, Ace Marquetry Ltd, has this to say about the neat hinges – ‘ These are simply great hinges.  Precision engineered and easy to fit.’

How does the neat lock compare to other box locks? The neat lock is the only machined full mortise lock on the market, it makes a solid, audible sound when opened and closed.  Similar to the neat hinge it is sturdy and comes with a quality high polished finish.  The screws are the same size and high quality as those used for the hinges.  There are no lugs sticking out and the plates are flat and smooth.

The Neat lock has been endorsed by fellow box maker Andrew Crawford in his newsletter (November 2012).  His comments regarding the Neat Lock are – ‘… it’s solid, excellently made, functions well – feels good [lovely satisfying click], and is beautifully finished.   What more could anyone possibly want?!… the quality and finish of the Neat Lock make it stand out from the crowd and I will certainly be using it in the future.’

How has the Neat Range improved further? We are continually striving to improve our neat hardware and have listened carefully to all customer feedback since the launch last year. Hinge leaves are now 8.00mm.  We are also planning  to add a Glide action feature  to further  enhance the hinge action, allowing  for the hinge to be machined to a snug fit and so remove any side to side play, and yet ensure a smooth open and close action every time!

To demonstrate our Neat Team spirit and that Teamwork is best we are now offering £5 off each pair of hinges bought with a matching neat lock, so a pair of brass neat hinges with a brass neat lock is now £58  (normally £63) , while a pair of neat hinge s/steel and s/steel neat lock are now £79 (normally £84) – see our hardware page and select Neat Team!

The neat range is available in polished stainless steel and brass, and is very competitively priced.  Brass hinges at £25 per pair, Stainless steel hinges at £36 per pair  – includes  two sets of screws, and postage throughout Europe and USA.    The neat lock brass is £36 each, and the stainless steel lock £48 – includes two sets of screws, and postage throughout Europe and USA

Discount is available for Neat Orders of 10 or more items. If you have any queries or would like to place an order, then please contact us on 028 90 836 987, ian@hawthornecrafts.com or go to www.hawthornecrafts.com

Neat hinge dimensions – Leaves are 8.00mm wide.  43mm long  40mm to centre of pin.  Each leaf is 2.80mm leaving a clearance gap of 0.40mm.  Supplied with 2 sets of No.3 x 5/8” brass wood screws – one set for initial fixing and second set for final fit.  Neat lock dimensions – length of plates 64mm, Width of plates 8.00mm, Distance to pin 12mm, Plate thickness 2.80mm. Supplied with a key and 2 sets of No.3 x 5/8” brass screws. Spare Neat Keys are available to purchase.

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