Victorious Collection

Large stationery box with matching smaller troop boxes

The Great Victory Collection

Dimensions:    mm x  mm x    mm

Material: Walnut, Oak, khaki suede, olive leather, stainless steel hardware

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Creating the The Great Victory Collection became quite a personal project, as I have learned so much more about World War I and how it touched the lives of local people including my own family.  The collection includes a large stationery box which is supported by four smaller troop boxes. All five boxes are veneered in walnut, with the stationery box depicting geometric walnut shapes in the formation of the letter ‘M for Military’, as well as a military medal bar display on the lid top and a decorative medal escutcheon. The troop box veneers are strategically arranged to create the lettering WWI around their sides and lid top.

In keeping with the military theme the box interiors incorporate complementary oak and are lined in khaki suede and olive leather. The stationery box includes an oak lift out tray with an abstract poppy created from ebony and bubinga. The main box contents include writing paper created with poppy seeds and recycled envelopes. This collection salutes the bravery of all the soldiers in the battlefield and acknowledges their time spent corresponding with loved ones in such very difficult, dark times.