Gentleman's Shaving Box

For the ultimate shaving experience

Gentleman's Shaving Box

Dimensions:   length ???mm x depth ???mm x height ???mm

Materials:  Black bolivar, grey veneer, tagua nut, soft grey leather and matching suede, stainless steel hardware

Our striking Victorian style shaving box is specially created to lovingly hold and display all the essential items required by our client, to enjoy a most splendid grooming routine. Their very own bespoke cut throat razor, Tiffany soap dish, handmade shaving brush and matching leather strop are all strategically arranged for the ultimate shaving experience. 

While the razor, soap dish and brush are openly viewed upon unlocking and lifting the box lid, the leather strop is hidden discreetly underneath the main compartments and only revealed upon selecting a secret button.  A pull out tray for smaller items is similarly accessible by selecting a button.  A matching mirror is designed to fit neatly inside the box lid and can be repositioned at an angle to help ensure our client attains his desired close shave. A final personalised touch requested by our client was to have the box flap display the names of all the family and craftspeople involved in creating this one-off collection piece. 

The box exterior has been finished in a high gloss.